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Welcome to the homepage for BimmaCup UK

Next Event

Join us for the Lookout Stages at Melbourne on Sunday 7th April.

Competitors can download the regulations for the event here:

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Help to preserve 

Melbourne Airfield

If every crew member planning to do the Lookout Stages gave £15, this would give us the budget to resurface the road next to the pylon, allowing a much better merge. 

We are also looking for venue sponsors. For £500 you will get a half page advert in the official publications for each event on the venue for the next 6 years. This equates to around £30 per event. 

Latest News

We're delighted to announce improvements to the Melbourne Airfield rally venue. These have been made possible with the support of the landowners together with All Roads Asphalt Solutions Ltd, Robinson Bobcat Hire as well as the Clubs that run the three events on the airfield, Trackrod Motor Club, North Humberside Motor Club and Lindholme Motor Sports Club.  

The improvements include over 4,500 square meters of planing over 1,000 tonnes of new material in an investment of well over £70,000. The works are key to making the venue “Tarmac tyres only”. We are not planning to make it super-smooth, but we will be trying to prevent punctures caused by potholes. 

We hope to preserve the spirit of the venue and make it available to rallying for years to come. The work will make more tracks available to use – adding variety and longer stages. We would like to go further, and with your help we can do more!

Thanks to those who have already sponsored us:

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BimmaCup Calendar

  • Jack Neal Memorial Rally 9th February

  • Lookout Stages
    7th April

  • Abingdon Car-Ni-Val
    9th June

  • Pendragon Stages
    25th August

  • Harold Palin Memorial Stages
    6th October

The Concept

Following on from the success of BimmaCup in the Carribean, the format is being introduced into UK motorsport as a relatively cheap way to compete in equal Rear Wheel Drive cars. The format is aimed for close, fun competition and the winner gets to compete in Barbados - one of the biggest prizes in UK rallying.

The cars used are the BMW E36 Compact cars, the readily available 318i versions. Road-cars can be found for £500, or prepared circuit cars often sell for less than £7,000. Limited performance modifications are allowed to keep the costs down and the competition up! For championship regs, please see the link above.

We have chosen 5 very different events dotted around the UK:

  • We start with an event at Blyton - a track with good runoff areas to allow competitors to explore the limits of the car

  • Next we move onto Melbourne Airfield, a mixed-surface venue which will provide lots of sideways opportunities!

  • In June we move to Abingdon, to be part of their Carnival. Whilst the Rally is part of the championship, some contenders may choose to compete in the sprint the day before, or the Autosolo which takes place on the venue.

  • In August we up the challenge with a visit to the Warcop ranges - really technical single-track roads, not for the faint-hearted.

  • Finally, we head to Fulbeck in October for the end of Championship. 

Please ask if you have any questions, otherwise see you at the first event!

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