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FIA Roll Cage Padding - 2018 Update

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Competitors planning a long awaited trip abroad for an event will be well aware of the need for their competition car and personal equipment to meet FIA standards.

Although the 2018 MS UK ruling on fire extinguishers was widely publicised in the motorsport community, some competitors may not realise that the FIA also issued updates to safety equipment, in this case roll cage padding.

The rule for fitting FIA specification roll cage padding used to read " Where the occupants' crash helmets could come into contact with the safety cage, the padding must comply with FIA standard 8857‐2001". In April 2018, the FIA issued a change to this rule.

Since 24/04/2018 the rule now reads "All tubes of the cage identified on Drawing 253‐68 and all roof reinforcements must be fitted with paddings in compliance with FIA standard 8857‐2001"

FIA Drawing 253-68
FIA Drawing 253-68

There is no change to the requirement for flame retardant padding on other areas of the roll cage; nor is there a change to the specification for the helmet impact padding; however the location of the helmet impact padding differs. Drawing 253-68 shows every roof reinforcement of the roll cage requiring padding.

Of course the change to the rule could mean that you take any FIA padding from your B pillar and move it to the roof; but all the same it seems that most competitors will need additional FIA padding with the new rule.

For more information go to Appendix J on p. 18 + 19

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