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Fire Extinguishers - Quick Start Guide

Fire Extinguisher Rules – Stage Rally Quick Start Guide

First of all, there are no new rules; We have been in a transition period for the last 4 years to allow competitors time to change over – we’re getting to the end of it.

Basically from 1/1/22 all competitors needing a plumbed-in system need it to be FIA approved.

To be an FIA approved system, it needs to be more than the cylinder. The full system needs:

1. Installing as the manufacturer’s instructions. (So plumbed with all required nozzles)

2. If over 2 yrs old, The cylinder to have been serviced by the manufacturer or their agent.

3. For rallying, approved for rally use, not just circuit use.

All the manufacturers’ installation instructions and homologation papers are on the FIA website so they can be checked by scrutineers to ensure they comply. The installation instructions for most can be found on this link:

The ones that cannot be found on this list are those for R5/WRC cars – they need to be of a higher standard.

This guide is for Stage Rallies - I will publish seperate ones for other disciplines.

Common points where an extinguisher system would not comply for Stage Rallies:

- It is an MSA approved extinguisher (Typically 2.25 litres)

- A 2.25kg Novec extinguisher for rallying.

o They need to be 3kg if Novec for rallying.

- The installation is a mix & match of systems.

o So if you replace the cylinder with a new one, this will only be approved if the same homologation number.

o As a rule, if you had to change the outlet of your cylinder, it will not comply.

- You have had “The guy that services the rest of my extinguishers” service your FIA system

- You haven’t installed it as per the installation instructions

o Because everyone knows how to do it better than the bloke who designed them…

Common Myths:

- You must have 8 nozzles.

o This is not correct – it has to have the nozzles the system was homologated with. This is the number of nozzles and the type of nozzles

- You must have 4 litres in the plumbed-in.

o This is not correct – This depends on what the system was homologated with. There is a new Lifeline (Zero2020) system that is 3.0 litres - it is suitable for rallying.

o However, do check the system was approved for rallying. Some smaller systems are only homologated for Circuit use where there is additional fire fighting capability.

- MSUK say my system is too old.

o No, MSUK do not stipulate an age. The manufacturers state the life of their systems to ensure they have not deteriorated. PD extinguishers can last 16 years.

- MSUK are getting a back-hander with all these services

o I certainly do not pay any money to MSUK for any systems I service.

For a more in-depth article, we will be publishing another more detailed blog shortly. We'll also be issuing a buyers guide.

For the range of extinguishers we keep in stock, please check our range here:

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