Our CoDriv-19 Special Offer 2 - Claim a Gift Voucher for the time on your dated products that you are unable to use due to the lock-down.


We realise there are a number of competitors who have time to work on their cars, but do not want to buy products they need because they are worried about the lifing of them and dont want them depreciating.


This offer is for Seats & Harnesses which are dated annually - when motorsport resumes, claim a gift voucher for the amount of time you were unable to use your purchase. 


  • This applies to all purchases made from the 11th of April. The earlier you buy, the larger the voucher.
  • It applies to any FIA approved Composite seat in the OMP or Sparco range.
  • Orders must be placed via email or phone, paid for by BACS. 
  • Maximum value, the equivalent of 2 years life. (I really expect we'll be racing long before then!)
  • Customers must claim their voucher within 6 months of Motorsport UK resuming issuing permits.
  • Offer can be combined with offer 1 - free postage.


How this works;

  • You order a pair of seats in April and for this example they cost £450 each.
  • Motorsport UK resume issuing permits in October.

-> You were unable to use your seat for 6 months.


  • A seat is normally valid for 5 years from the end of year of manufacture (6 seasons). 
  • A seat still has a value at the end of its homologation, we are assuming 33% of its value. (So each seat is still worth £150)

-> The 2 seats would normally cost £600 for the 6 seasons of use, £100 each season.


Motorsport was stopped for 1/2 a year,

 -> You qualify for a £50 gift voucher.


For seats we are going to ignore the 2 year extension to their life which Motorsport UK allow in a number of disciplines. However, for harnesses we are going to factor this in. (Ie. Harnesses of the new standard get an additional 5 seasons of use).


We are not allowing this offer on Steel Framed Seats or Non-FIA approved seats. (We don't believe in the safety of Steel Framed seats, and the suspension of permits does not affect non FIA approved products).


Should Motorsport UK not resume issuing permits (Eg because they close), a suitable alternative benchmark will be used. (Eg. Circuits re-opening to track-days)


Gift vouchers will be valid for 2 years. They have to be claimed within 6 months of motorsport resuming. Details will be sent with your order.

2. Unused Date Refund


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    As club competitors and organisers ourselves, we realise budgets are limited, but we understand you want to be safe too.


    We aim to supply what we believe is the best for every budget.


    With over 30 years of experience, we aim to give you the best advice and the best products at the right price.


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