Our third CoDriv-19 Offer; No depreciation on Lifeline Extinguishers, until you need them!


As a Service Centre for Lifeline fire extinguishers we keep stock unpressurised. As such, you can choose to order a kit, but ask us to hold onto the cylinder. We only send you the cylinder when you request.


This means the system has no depreciation - the 10 year life on the cylinder has not yet started, the 2 year servicing is also maintained. 


This is ideal for those who are doing new builds and want to put a more effective extinguisher in, but without worrying how long the build will take.



This offer applies to all Zero2000 and Zero360 systems. Orders need to be placed via email or phone. No additional postage costs will be incurred if you pay by BACS rather than credit cards.


We do have good stocks of extinguishers at the moment, but the Lifeline factory is currently closed due to the virus. We can only supply fitting kits whilst we can get them!

3. Un-dated Extinguishers


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    Evenings by appointment


    As club competitors and organisers ourselves, we realise budgets are limited, but we understand you want to be safe too.


    We aim to supply what we believe is the best for every budget.


    With over 30 years of experience, we aim to give you the best advice and the best products at the right price.


    We aren’t the biggest, so we can’t always be the cheapest, but we’ll do our best!


    Some items are critical to try before you buy. We do offer a showroom to discuss your needs.


    Please contact us for an appointment. We restrict the number of visitors so everyone gets the time they need to meet their requirements.

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