In-line with our other lifing offers, get a gift voucher for the portion of your extinguisher service you are unable to use due to Motorsport UK not issuing permits.


Eg. You book a 4 litre Lifeline Zero2000 extinguisher and a 2.4litre handheld in for service on 10th of April at a cost of £76.49.

The service interval for these extinguishers is 2 years.

Motorsport UK begin issuing permits in October, you have been unable to compete for 6 months. (25% of the time between services)


You can therefore claim a £19 gift voucher for use in the next 2 years. (Eg. on the next service)


You will also notice the order is over £75, so you also qualify for free postage.


We are doing this because we realise the Lifeline and SPA Design factories are currently closed, so you are unable to get your extinguishers serviced. We dont want a massive backlog when racing resumes.


We are lucky our workshop is adjacent to our home, so we can continue to service extinguishers during these difficult times.  



  • Offer applies to the following extinguishers
    • Zero2000 Plumbed-in or Handheld
    • Zero360 Handhelds containing Novec 1230
    • Zero360 Mechanical or Electrical plumbed-in extinguishers containing Novec 1230.
    • SPA Design AFFF Extinguishers
  • It excludes Zero360 remote discharge systems, Zero360 systems containing FE36 or any other products in the Lifeline range (Eg. Zero275)
  • This offer excludes Zero360 refills and Zero2000 Electrical refills.


We're trying to keep it simple, so we're trying to keep terms simple. Key ones are:

Order must be paid for by BACS.


Voucher must be claimed within 6 months of Motorsport UK resuming issuing permits. (Should MSUK no longer provide permits after the Covid-19 lock-down, a suitable alternative measure will be used, eg. Circuits reopening for track-days)


Please contact us for more information.

4. Service Rebate - Extinguishers


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