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Our most popular system where you don't want to compromise on quality, but are minding the budget - the mechanically operated Lifeline ZERO 360 3kg Fire Extinguisher kit.


Listed on the FIA technical List 16, these are suitable for all forms of Motorsport, including Circuit racing and Stage Rallies. (This system complies with stage rallies which require a minimum of 3kg)


These systems self-pressurise upon activation and distribute only pure undiluted NOVEC 1230 suppressant, making them highly efficient with excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities.


  • Novec1230 liquid clean agent extinguishant 
  • Constant discharge in any orientation
  • Two year service cycle 
  • FIA homologation number EX.043.17


The kit includes:

3kg Steel cylinder filled with Novec1230 Gas

Brackets & Straps, complete with Anti-Torpedo Tabs

1x 6ft & 1x 12ft pull cables

3 Gold Nozzles - for use in the engine bay

2 Blue Nozzles - for use in the cockpit

Bulkhead, T-Piece and X-Piece Fittings

6m of 8mm Tube

6m of overbraid


Instruction manual


As a Lifeline approved service centre we keep these systems unpressurised and only date them when the cylinder is despatched - this ensures you get the longest life from your purchase. If you are building a car over time, we can hold on to the cylinder so it is despatched with a later date - please contact us for more information.


We will Price-Match on all Lifeline systems, and offer free shipping - please use code MSUK

Lifeline 3kg Mechanical Zero360 Kit

SKU: 106-001-007
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