Mechanically operated fire exinguisher and plumbing kit from Lifeline, using a lightweight, environmentally friendly, foam based extinguishant - ZERO 2000. 


An integral part of the ZERO 2000 system is the specifically designed atomiser nozzle which divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, initially extinguishing the flames before cooling the area and preventing re-ignition.


This kit comes with everything needed for a new installation:


Anti-Torpedo Brackets & Straps

8m of Pipework

Fittings (6 T-pieces & 1 Bulkhead)

8 Nozzles

2 Pull Cables

Stickers and installation instructions


Fully FIA approved, meeting the requirements for newly built cars and future regulations. If buying for rallying, please see the bundle which includes the handheld - cheaper than buying seperately.


As a Lifeline service centre we hold stock of these in an unpressurised state, allowing us to date from when you place your order, giving them the longest life available. (All extinguishers need servicing every 2 years, and Lifeline bottles have a 10 year service life.)


Lifeline 4l Mechanical Zero2000 Kit

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