Electrically operated Lifeline Zero 360 3kg Plumbed-in and 2kg Handheld Rally Package.


This is the recommended package for the best protection offered to club competitors. Both the Plumbed-in and Handheld units containing the Novec 1230 suppressant


The Plumbed-in extinguisher contains everything needed for a new installation - Bottle, Bracket, Straps, Pipework, Fittings, Nozzles, Switche, Electrical connectors and Power Pack.


The system self-pressurises upon activation and distribution only pure undiluted Novec 1230 suppressant, making them highly efficient with excellend fire knock down and fire out capabilities.


The Handheld unit comes complete with bracket and retaining straps.


Two year service cycle


FIA homologation number EX.043.17

Electrical Rally Pack Zero360 3kg Plumbed-in & 2kg Handheld

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