We are a Lifeline Authorised service agent, covering the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions. We offer on-site servicing and refills for the majority of extinguishers in the range.


A Lifeline refill service includes a full service and new extinguishant. In the range of Zero360 systems, the Novec extinguishant used is very expensive, hence the cost of a refill.


Please note, Lifeline changed the extinguishant in the Zero360 range a few years ago. We can refill extinguishers containing Novec1230 on-site. The cost of the older FE36 extinguishant makes them not cost effective to refill, we recommend a new bottle in that instance. Please contact us if you are unsure which extinguishant was in your system.


To enable us to refill a bottle, they need to comply with standard Lifeline safety guidelines. These include:

  • No physical damage to the cylinder
  • Less than 10 years old
  • Has missed no more than 2 previous services
  • Has not been serviced by a non-authorised agent


If you have any doubt, please get in touch before purchase.


Please get in touch before sending a cylinder to us, so we can ensure it is transported correctly. (Extinguishers are pressurised cylinders which cannot simply be posted.) We aim to keep your costs to a minimum and ensure they arrive safely.


Refill - Plumbed-in Zero360



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    As club competitors and organisers ourselves, we realise budgets are limited, but we understand you want to be safe too.


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