This is the best Stilo intercom in the range that we keep in stock. It offers almost all the features of the best WRC systems, but at a relatively sensible price.


This is the intercom we recommend for competitors who are doing multi-venue rallies - it is the best quality intercom and the Bluetooth connectivity makes it so simple for communicating with your chase/service crews.


Without doubt, the best intercom I have used. The active digital noise cancelling really makes a difference. Reduces background noise by 200%, compared to normal intercoms.


Other features:

Powered by 12v supply only.

Camera connection and radio / MP3 input socket


Having used this myself, the final trick - have a good selection of tunes on your phone, or connect to a good internet radio station to hear music through your headsets on the long boring road sections!

Stilo DG-10 Digital Rally Intercom

SKU: AB0500