Turn-1 Hans Specific "Race" 6-point Harness

Key Features:

  • 6-point harness for saloon car use.
  • FIA approved to 8853-2016, making them suitable for National Use until 2032.
  • 2" shoulder harnesses, increasing to 3" by the adjuster - making them easier to use with FHR's.
  • Alloy Adjusters on waist and shoulder straps.
  • Velcro on shoulder strap, for locating an intercom cable or drink tube.
  • Homologated by TRS.
  • Come complete with eye-bolts.
  • Clips on Crotch straps and Shoulder straps can be removed to wrap around harness bars.


Available in Black or Red These harnesses are labelled "Not Valid after 2026", however Motorsport UK have allowed harnesses of this standard to be used for an additional 5 years in national competition.


These harnesses are for competition use with FHR (Hans) devices only.


These harnesses are recommended for Multi-venue rallies, the upgraded alloy adjusters making them much easier to slacken, making road sections more comfortable.


These are the equivalent specification to the TRS Ultralite harness.

Turn-1 Race Hans Specific Harness


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    Including VAT