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Working with Kielder, we realise that many competitors want an impact gun to keep in the car so you know where it is, should it be needed. They are never stored in the case, so why supply them?


So, we have created this very special priced bundle.



Kielder 1/2" 430Nm Impact Wrench; (KWT-002-06)

2AH or 4AH battery; (KWT-003-04 or KWT-003-03) 

Battery charger; (KWT-004-01)

17mm, 19mm or 21mm deep impact socket; (KWT-126-17, 19 or 21)

Spare wheel holder; (KWT-017-13 to KWT-107-18)


There is no case supplied with this bundle - it is designed to keep your gun in the foam holder. In return, you get a truely bargain price.


To keep things simple, the 2Ah kits in any wheel insert size is £130. The 4Ah kits are £12 more. Add the Fire Safety Stick to any bundle over 14" for £60. (All inc vat). Locating securely within the holder, additional fire protection in a known safe location. 


For free shipping, use code MSUK.

Kielder Spare Wheel Bundle

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