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  • What’s Happening?
    From the end of 2023, the Snell SA2010 and SAH2010 standards will no longer be valid for Motorsport UK Governed events. The Snell SA2015 standard becomes no longer valid for FIA sanctioned events – but I cannot think of any of these rallies in the UK.
  • What standards will still be valid?
    For Motorsport UK sanctioned events, if your helmet has one or more of these standards in, they are still valid for 2024: (Ref K10.3.1 in MSUK 2023 Bluebook) FIA 8860-2010 FIA 8859-2015 FIA 8860-2018 FIA 8860-2018-ABP Snell SA2015 (Not valid after 31.12.26) Snell SA2020 If your helmet has dual standards, as long as one standard is still acceptable, the helmet is still ok. (Eg. a helmet with Snell SA2005 & FIA 8860-2010 is still valid as the FIA is on the list)
  • What about FIA events?
    You need a helmet approved to one of the following standards: (Source Technical List 25, published 2/2/21) FIA 8860-2018 FIA 8860-2018-ABP FIA 8860-2010 (Not valid after 31/12/28) FIA 8859-2015 The list is similar to the UK with the exception of the Snell standards which are missing. The Snell standards are normally required for competition in America. Motorsport Ireland standards are more relaxed than the UK or FIA – they allow an additional 5 years to all FIA recognized standards. (Source: Motorsport Ireland, Appendix 5)
  • What about FIA standard 8858-2010?
    This is not the helmet standard, it is the standard that shows the HANS posts have been installed correctly. This is needed in conjunction with some of the standards above, when HANS/ FHR devices are needed.
  • Why is this change happening?
    HANS/FHR Devices are a relatively new safety item. Since they were made mandatory, helmets have been redesigned to account for the different forces they exert. The standards are updated to offer competitors appropriate protection. The Snell SA2010 standard was one of the most popular standards available when HANS Devices were made compulsory in Racing & Rallying – hence a number now need changing.
  • Where do I find which standard my helmet meets?
    This is usually behind the padding, inside the rear of the helmet. The padding is usually loose to allow you to pull it forward and see the standards. The Blue MSA / MSUK sticker does not show which standard your helmet meets.
  • Buying Advice
    Our advice is to always try helmets on before you buy so you can ensure you have the very best fit. Different brands fit different shaped heads – so we recommend you go to a retailer who has multiple brands to get the best fit for you. Some brands (such as Stilo) do allow us to do custom fittings for you by changing the pad configuration – please ask for information. We recommend you get fitted with a balaclava – they are all different thicknesses. Ideally, I would recommend getting fitted with a thin balaclava – if the padding “gives” a little, this will allow you to take up any slack with the thicker balaclava. Consider what intercom / communications you need. Many higher quality rally helmets are now Stilo WRC compatible – it may be cheaper to buy a replacement amplifier than buying adapters.
  • About Clubman Motorsport Helmets
    We keep a wide range of helmets from Bell, Hedtec and Stilo helmets to offer the widest range of budgets. We are open about the different standards to ensure you have the best information available. Our showroom is usually opened to suit our customers. We do individual appointments to ensure you have the personal service you require without lots of other customers wanting our attention and putting you under pressure. Last minute appointments are often available. We do sometimes close during the day, this allows us to offer the flexibility to open evenings and weekends – so please call before travelling. If there is a group of you who all need new helmets - we do offer a group-fitting service. We can bring up to 70 helmets to your event to ensure we have the breadth of helmets to ensure you have just the right fit. We are happy to come to Club nights, to help you attract more members to the club and ensure they have the best in safety.
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