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First of all, without marshals we simply could not run - our thanks to you all for your assistance. 

In these strange times we do need all marshals to be registered with us before the event - there will be no face to face signing-on on the day. We need you to fill in 2 forms (Sorry, one is for us - the other for MSUK)

First of all, we need your details so we can post you the relevant information, passes and check sheets. This information is collected in the details below. (Information will be used for this event only)


Secondly we need you to fill in the MSUK signing on sheet. If you need to print this out, take a photo and send it back to us that way, that is fine. The address to use is

Thanks again,

Richard Hart (Chief Marshal - Recruitment)

Paul Rees (Chief Marshal - Event)

Rob Brook (Clerk of the Course)

Event Registration

Planned Duty

Thanks for submitting, please ensure you complete the second form

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