Save up to £220 if you replace your RRS EcoFirex

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Replace your RRS EcoFirex and save over £220 in the next 10 years.

The RRS EcoFirex plumbed-in fire extinguisher has been a popular choice in motorsport due to its price, however we have noticed the significant difficulties and costs in servicing them.

We have worked with Lifeline to provide a solution – replace the system with a Lifeline extinguisher. In 2 years, the savings will almost pay for the replacement. Over the next 10 years you save an additional £220.

The Background

Under Motorsport UK regulations, “All extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner”. (K3)

There is additional criteria coming in 2022 (Announced 2 years ago) which means FIA approvals will be required where a plumbed-in is mandatory. (This is already the case for new-builds)

To maintain the FIA approval, a system has to be serviced by the manufacturer (or their agent), in the case of the RRS one, this is in France.

We have tried to become a service centre for them, but they have stated they must be sent back to them for servicing.

It is very difficult to post a fire extinguisher as they are classified as “Dangerous Goods”. Posting overseas adds increased likelihood of detection due to enhanced security checks. (Not to mention the danger of a pressurized vessel being onboard an aircraft)

From our calculations, it would cost over £130 to get an RRS extinguisher serviced.

With a recommended servicing cost of £56.22 and a network of service agents across the country, replacing the RRS EcoFirex with a Lifeline system at the special price of £220 including VAT and postage to most areas of the UK will almost pay for itself in 2 years time.

We're sorry there isn't anything more we can do - but hopefully you will see we're doing what we can by giving a financially better solution.

We will be issuing customers a discount code to use in our shop to take advantage of this trade-in.

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