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The Fire Safety Stick - for those who haven't heard the great reviews about these products, I am surprised. Below are some links to the product in action.


Lightweight, compact, suitable for all fires and with no damaging mess or residue, these are ideal to have in your car, just in case.


Whilst not MSUK approved (yet), they are a great addition to a rally, track or classic car - it might not be your car on fire. Imagine coming across another rallycar on fire - hand them this rather than your approved handheld, you're still potentially in the event.


Light enough to be carried by a marshal, enabling a quick response that may save a fire from going out of control (Or worse). Requiring no maintenance, but having a lifespan of 15 years  - the ideal fit & forget safety kit.


Available in 2 sizes; 50 or 100 seconds. For rallycars with guarding, the advice from the distributor is 50 seconds so you can discharge some under the bonnet without lifting it completely, then having some remaining to finish off the job!


Special offer - buy a second Fire Safety Stick for the garage or home and save 20%.


Prices Including VAT:

FSS50    £72.50

FSS100  £99.99



Fire Safety Stick

Excluding VAT



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    Inc. VAT

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