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Mechanically operated Lifeline ZERO 360 2.25kg Fire Extinguisher kit.


These systems self-pressurise upon activation and distribute only pure undiluted NOVEC 1230 suppressant, making them highly efficient with excellent fire knock down and fire out capabilities.


  • Novec1230 liquid clean agent extinguishant 
  • Constant discharge in any orientation
  • Two year service cycle 
  • FIA homologation number EX.043.17


Please note, this item is not suitable for Stage Rallying - please choose the 3kg version. 


Price Match on all Lifeline products - if you see them advertised elsewhere, just let us know and we will match the price. In addition, as we are a service centre for Lifeline products, we keep stock in an un-pressurised state. The date is added when we pressurise the cylinder. 


If building a car over a long period, we can supply the fitting kit now, the cylinder later. This gives you the longest life on your cylinder possible - Please just enquire.


Free shipping on this item, please use code MSUK

Lifeline 2.25kg Mechanical Zero360 Kit

SKU: 106-001-004
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