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New from Lifeline!!!


This seat rail kit is designed to the new MSUK clarifications, in-line with the FIA standards.


Whilst not yet mandatory for existing cars, all new-build cars are expected to comply with the rule clarification. It is also recommended for all to change to the new spec at a suitable time.


These kits consist of:

2x 597mm long steel rails

4x Laser-cut chassis plates with Captive nuts (For welding into tunnel/inner sill)

4x Laser-cut mounting plates (For welding into position on the steel rails) 

4x Weld-in Bosses

8x Zinc Coated  10.9 grade bolts with spring washers


If buying 2 and paying by BACS,  we are offering free postage. Please contact me directly for this offer.



Price including VAT: £81.00


Lifeline Seat Rail Kit

SKU: 462-000-001
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