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Electrically operated ZERO 2000 AFFF fire extinguisher and plumbing kit from Lifeline, together with a 2kg handheld ZERO 360 extinguisher.


The plumbed in extinguisher pack uses a lightweight, environmentally friendly, foam based extinguishant - ZERO 2000. An integral part of the ZERO 2000 system is the specifically designed atomiser nozzle which divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, cooling and thus preventing re-ignition.


The handheld fire extinguisher uses the highly efficient gaseous extinguishant ZERO 360, designed specifically for the rigours of motorsport being able to operate in any orientation.


Combination fire extinguisher pack including:

  • 2kg ZERO 360 Handheld
  • 4.0litre ZERO 2000 Plumbed-in + kit
  • MSA, FIA and SCCA approved
  • FIA homologation EX.002.98 and EX.020.05.
  • Electrically operated


Rally Pack - Zero2000 Electric P/I & Zero360 H/H

SKU: 106-300-001
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