This compact extinguisher system from SPA design is tiny, using just 1.25 litres of AFFF, yet still FIA approved for Single Seater circuit use. This means it is suitable for use from 1/1/22, despite it's size.


Mechanically operated, it is simple to install with just 6 nozzles; 2 in the cockpit and 4 in the engine bay.


The entire system is 258mm in length, the smallest system on offer by SPA Design. 


Comes complete with everything needed for a typical installation - Pipework, Nozzles, Brackets, Clamps, Pull cables, Fittings and of course, the cylinder.


These systems last 10 years from date of purchase and like all systems require servicing every 2 years - which we can take care of whilst you wait.


Please note - these systems are not suitable for Rally  or Saloon car use.

SPA Design Formula 1.25l AFFF FIA Approved Mechanical Extinguisher


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    Including VAT