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The Stilo Venti Trophy Plus helmet is the new WRC intercom equipped helmet from Stilo. Meeting the latest Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 standard, this helmet is constructed in the same manner as the more expensive helmets in the range using the Fibreglass Kevlar MSF (Multi-Sandwich Fibre) material.


The biggest difference between this helmet and the other Venti Trophy helmets are the electronics and earcups fitted to this helmet. The Earcups isolate you from much of the background noise, ensuring you focus on the sound coming from the intercom.


The elecronics in this helmet are compatible with the Stilo WRC range of intercoms (WRC 03, WRC 9v, DG-10 and WL-10) -  it is not compatible with the Trophy 2 intercom. It is possible to convert this to the Peltor range of intercoms using adapter AC0204.


This helmet is equipped with the new "Blue" port - designed for supporting the Wireless intercom keys of the WL-10 intercom. This does mean traditional plugs will fit deeply into the socket, so customers are advised to ensure you pull on the plug (and not the wire) when disconnecting it from those intercoms. We are aware of some "compatible" intercom plugs not fitting this new port - eg. I have seen these issues from some of the Zero Noise range of amplifiers.


This helmet is available in all the traditional sizes (54, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63 & 64) and also a new size - 58. 

Helmet sizes 54-58 use the Small helmet shell and weigh 1,450g

Helmet sizes 59 & 61 use the Medium helmet shell and weigh 1,510g

Helmet sizes 63 & 64 use the Large helmet shell and weigh 1,590g


When it comes to fit, we are finding this helmet is fitting slightly larger than the previous "Stilo Trophy DES" range of helmets - so we always recommend dropping into our showroom for a custom fit.


This helmet is available in either White with a Black lining or Silver with a Black lining. (See other listing) We normally keep this helmet in stock in sizes 58-63, though we can order it in all sizes.

This helmet is only available with Hans posts pre-fitted. They can be removed to fit alternatives (Eg. Quick release)


Stilo Electronics Options

If you are wanting the helmet to be pre-fitted with electronics compatible with the Stilo WRC or Peltor amplifiers (With adapter) - choose this helmet, the Stilo Trophy Plus Venti.


If you are wanting the helmet to be fitted with electronics compatible with the Trophy amplifier - choose the Stilo Venti Trophy Rally Helmet. (It is only compatible with the Trophy Amp, not the WRC range)

If you wish to fit electronics yourself, choose the Stilo Venti Trophy Jet helmet.

Stilo Venti Trophy Plus Helmet - White

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