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***** - Update 27/8/20 @21:00 - *****

We've added a Virtual Noticeboard which will act as Rally HQ with links to venue plans, stage diagrams, paperwork and of course results!

The noticeboard will be updated regularly thoughout the event by Cat Lund from Cat Lund Web Design

Click the button above to view the noticeboard. 


***** - Update 23/8/20 @9:00 - *****

With 6 days to go before the event, everything is looking good. 

The seeded entry lists are now available:

Single Occupancy Event:

Dual Occupancy Event:

Combined event:

There is a marshals briefing by Zoom this evening @8pm. A competitors briefing tomorrow night.

Later today we will publish a competitors page with a new bulletin - this will be posted out to competitors by 1st class post tomorrow morning along with Numbers, time cards, security wrist-bands and timing tags. The bulletin has everything the competitors should need to know for getting to the venue, what happens when they arrived, setup for the day, etc...

Entries are still available - We will close as per the regulations, there will be no late entries - no exceptions.

***** - Update 4/8/20 @ 7:30pm - *****

Unseeded Entry lists are now available:

Single Occupancy Event:

Dual Occupancy Event:

Combined event:

***** - Update 3/8/20 @ 7:15 pm - *****

Thankyou to all those who have supported the event with an early entry. We were averaging around 1 entry per minute for the 1st half hour. The Entries Secretary will be giving competitors a receipt number later this evening to show we have received paperwork. 

As part of the Covid-19 planning we have built the organising team from a geographical spread - organisers are in many different clubs so if one area is locked-down, reserve officials can step into their shoes. This brings about other challenges as payments are not visible to the entries secretary. On a regular basis he will be given a list of those who have paid, at that point they will be marked as Acknowledged. 

Once the self-certification is completed, the entry will be changed to accepted.

We do apologise to all those who had registered interest via the email address - We had a technical issue and hadn't realised the emails were there. These should all have been responded to. We are now dual monitoring it.


Many thanks again, please keep the entries coming! 

***** - Update 2/8/20 @ 8:00pm - *****

The entry system is ready to go. These are the links that you will need. (Open New Windows)

Single Occupancy Event

Dual Occupancy Event

Entries will be accepted in order of payment.

The Bank Details for payment of entries is published at the top of the entry form. They are:

"Trackrod" Yorkshire Bank Account

Sort Code: 05 00 40

Account No: 10105968

***** - Update  31/7/20 - *****


Hi everyone, and thankyou for your patience. We are now able to share with you the regulations for the time trial. 

Entries will open at 8:00pm on Sunday (The 2nd of August), we have had a lot of interest so do advise you to get your entries in as early as possible.



We're proud to announce a new Rally Time Trial for Melbourne Airfield on Saturday the 29th of August.

Promoted by Trackrod Motor Club, the event is planned to cover up to 40 miles in 10 stages. All stages will be single-lapped and any profits from the event will be invested in the venue for when rallies resume in 2021.

The Time Trial will be dual permit, competitors can choose to have just a driver or a driver and navigator. 

There will be a maximum of 60 cars and there will be a host of changes to accommodate the Covid-19 requirements.

To register interest in the event, please email:

Look forward to seeing you there,

Rob Brook

Clerk of the course


What is the difference between a stage rally and a time trial?

For completeness, please see R44.1 in the Bluebook (Page 320).

In essence, a Rally Time Trial is a stage rally except a Navigator is optional, the stages are a maximum of 4 miles long and there is no requirement for an arrival control. The event will feel very different though as we comply with the Covid-19 requirements.

We intend to run the event with the option of 2 occupants in the car or just a driver. Those who are choosing just the driver will get a lower entry fee - This is because the fees payable to Motorsport UK are lower, we are simply passing on the savings.

Will all stages count?

It is our intention to run a maximum of 10 stages during the day. 5 will be in one direction, 5 in the other. The slowest time from one of your first 4 runs will be discarded in each direction. 

Our intention is not to use Bales for chicanes where possible. (We are trying to make the event as safe as possible and as simple to setup as possible.) However, we do not want competitors to be striking stage furniture so severe penalties will be applied where appropriate. Dropping one time will allow a competitor to make a mistake and not compromise their entire event.

The final stage time in each direction will count to ensure competitors are not destroying the venue on their final runs if they have good times "in the bag".

If we are unable to run a 5th stage in either direction, one time will still be discarded, but the last time will still count.

Will spectators be allowed?


We are following the current Covid-19 requirements and will have to control the number of personnel on-site. We will need to know the names of everyone in attendance.

I am classified in the vulnerable groups for Covid-19, should I attend?

This is entirely your choice. We do not want anyone to be at the venue if they feel unsafe or unwell, but we will do everything we can to make everyone feel as safe as possible. 

Things will feel different. Most of the administration for the event will be done electronically, eg. We are not expecting the entries secretary or the results team to be at the event! This does mean competitors will have to complete additional paperwork beforehand. We cannot change this, we are simply trying to provide you with an opportunity to get back out there and compete.

Will there be a prize-giving?

No. This is a requirement of the new regulations. 

If we get a reasonably full entry then we are looking at recognising award winners accordingly. We have tried to cut down the costs wherever we can - the event is to raise funds for the continued development of the venue. If you are expecting a big trophy for the winner, this is not the event for you. 

Please check back on this page regularly as we update it with more FAQ's.

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